Monthly Archives: October 2013


entangled p

“Entangled” is this week’s topic in “Illustration Friday”. It’s the first time I participate in their weekly illustration challenge and I’ve had much fun. It’s a good exercise for those days you don’t know what to draw. I’ve used ink to do the drawing and I’ve added the colour digitally.


gravat p

I did the body of the characters with engraving and then I added details like the legs. I think it can be a nice way of giving mobility and expression to an engraving work. I don’t have the proper ink yet so the result it’s quite seedy…

Under the moon 2


Lately I’ve been working really intensively in some watercolours for a children’s book and after finishing them, I wanted to do something completely different. I’ve made this piece over craft paper mixing acrylic painting, crayons and collage.