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Stale bread

pan duroI’ve submitted this illustration to the same contest I told you I had submitted “Carrot meal” last week. In this occasion I’ve chosen the ingredient “steal bread” because it’s something that we normally throw away but can be used to make delicious meals!

Carrot meal


This is the recipe I’ve submitted to the contest organized by “They Draw and Cook” and “Glad”, linked with a campaign to eliminate food being wasted. The proposal consists in illustrating 3 different recipes that use the same ingredient. I’ve chosen this delicious carrot plates which I invite you to try!

You can also have a look at their website, were you’ll find nice illustrations and great cooking ideas!


Nice to meet you little giant


She was sitting on her own watching over her little cows. She was feeling a little lonely, too big to fit anywhere. Suddenly, there he was, handing her his huge hand with a friendly smile, and they talked and laughed until the sunset came and the moon rose.