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Lemon tree


lemon treeThe kids had been walking through the cactus forest for quite a long time. The moment they saw the lemon tree they realised they were in that special place they had been looking for without even knowing it. They drank from the puddle next to the tree; it was cold and tasted like lemonade.

Working out

blogTomorrow is Saint George’s day. According to the legend, there was once a dragon that terrified a realm. The habitants of a village decided to give the dragon two sheep every day to keep him away. But soon they run out of animals, so they had to find an “alternative”; they sent a young lady. They made a raffle every day, no one was excluded, not even the princess. One day, she became the unlucky one. She left to the dragon’s cave and in her way she met Saint George, who killed the dragon and saved her. From the blood of the dragon a rose emerged, which he gave to the princess.

In Catalonia it’s a very important festivity. Cities get full of book and roses stands, for it is custom to buy a book for the man you love or a rose for the woman you love.

The dragon knows the legend and it’s getting ready for the battle, hoping to change the story!