Monthly Archives: September 2014

Picnic in the clouds 1

picnic pThey prepared a cake and took some drinks. They got in the air balloon and went up to the clouds. They tided the balloon to the top of a very very tall fir tree then they found a cozy place between some orange and pink clouds and had a wonderful afternoon snack.


migrationOne day they woke up and they saw that the fields were already yellow and that the trees were already orange. They left home and then followed the swallows. They didn’t know exactly where they were going, but they were confident it would be a really nice place because birds are smart.

Night lights

chica2 chico2








That night the scene was lighted up by the moon, the little lamps hanged from the trees, the candles in the tables and even the fireflies. He was singing something and she was thinking something.

Goodbye 2

goodbyHello, goodbye, see you soon, would you like to dance… I don’t know what they were telling to each other, but everyone around realised it was an especial moment.  Time stopped for a while, the wind kept the leaves hanging, silence reigned.