Monthly Archives: October 2014

Collecting in the forest 2

woodShe was in the forest collecting mushrooms and chestnuts to prepare a delicious meal. She wasn’t lost, there weren’t any dangerous animals in that forest and there was still day light but she couldn’t help but feeling scared. Her heart beat accelerated. The wind was howling through the autumn leaves and braches rustled everywhere without apparent cause.

You shine! 2

LUZHe felt in love the moment he saw her. She shined in the night like the stars, among the grass and the flowers. She shined with a warm and genuine light. He wished that she could see the light in him.

You made it!

SALTADORThey made a race through the rounded hills. Claire used a jumping ball, Robin didn’t, because he is a rabbit, and rabbits already make big jumps. You made it! You made it exclaimed Pepa, who was waiting at the finish line. The turtle didn’t take part in the race, because she can’t jump, neither use a jumping ball. Afterwards, the three of them went home and played a board game.