Monthly Archives: January 2015

The bird rider 1

1Do you remember the collage I made some time ago titled “The bird rider”? Well, know I’ve made a series of 5 collages extending the story of that blue haired girl. I’ll post one every Tuesday for the following weeks. Hope you enjoy it!

Her father wanted her to ride horses. He said it would make her stronger and her posture more sophisticated. Although she liked horses, they walked over the same land that she did. She wanted to see something different, to feel something different…

Ice fishing

hieloHe loved to seat in the ice, enjoying the silence that ruled in the frozen landscape, but he didn’t like fishing. In fact, he was vegetarian. So he was just there, sitting by the hole, watching the fishes jump.

bee friends

barbasHe thought it would be nice to dress his dull beard with some flowers… When the first bee came he thought maybe he could make a new friend…When the others approached…well, then he was a little scared.