Monthly Archives: March 2015

illustration & photography

ilustracion pA series of illustrations I’ve made will be part of Rocio Loino photography albums. I hope to soon be able to show you some of the montages; in the meantime you can have a glance at my ink work. You can also visit Rocio’s website:


RARAShe was quite weird, there’s no doubt about that. It was not only about her hair, her green eyes or the way she dressed, it was something deeper, bound to her head and soul, to who she was. If you ask my opinion, the fact that everybody told her since she was a little girl how weird she was, made her more bizarre.

New project

petitThis is one of the illustrations for the new children’s book I’m preparing. It’s a story about how differently we see things depending on who we are and from where we’re looking at them.  I’ll take it to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair to present it to the publishers. I hope you like it!