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Sant Jordi 2015

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Last Thursday, Saint George day, I was signing “El color dels sentiments” with “Regal i paper” in Altafulla and in the afternoon with Abacus in Igualada. It was such a fun experience and it was really nice meeting the people that were taking the book home. Here you can see some pictures and listen to a small chat I had with “Altafulla radio” (beginning of the audio) during the fair.

The busy dragon

dragonP 2Next Thursday 23th of April is Saint George’s day! But this year the dragon is to busy reading and taking care of his roses to go around kidnapping princesses and fighting knights. He devours everything, from romantic novels to biographies through historic books and botanical tomes. However, illustrated books are his favourites. His dream is to grow the most gorgeous and giant rose garden on Earth.  I’m afraid Saint George will have to find another way to become a hero this year.

Mi mama me ama

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Mundo cronopio is a fantastic platform to create personalized books to give to your loved ones. Once you’ve picked a story, you can choose different “designs” for the main characters and also add pictures and drawings to the book. You can buy it in two formats, an electronic book or you can have the printed version sent to your home.

I’ve had the luck to illustrated one of their books, written by Carmen Giró. It’s a book to honour mothers, to tell them how wonderful they are, how much we love them. I invite you all to wander around their website and discover “Mi mama me ama”!

Build bridges, not walls


“-Will he always come between us?

-Yes, like a bridge he’ll come between us, not a wall.”

This fragment of dialogue from the Ender’s Game series inspired my collage.  I hope Orson Scott’s words, or my pieces of paper, or both, lead your imagination to nice places.