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A powerful witch wearing a disguise

ratoncitoOne night that her parents went out, a little mouse came out of a hole. She put it to bed and sang it a song, but when her parents returned there was a great disturbance. They told her to let go the mouse, they told her it could be something terrible wearing a disguise. But she wasn’t scared of ghosts, witches or ogres as long as she was with her little mouse.

The decision

aguaShe is almost neck-deep in water and she hasn’t still decided if she is going to submerge and float among fishes and coral or if she is going to propel herself into the sky and dry her skin in the sun.

Good morning!


He was the cutest and sweetest boy in the world. For that reason, every bird wanted to sing happy melodies to him from the window shelf and from his bed quilt. Every day, first thing in the morning, birds of all sizes and colours, came from their nests to his room to wake him up. You have to understand, it’s not that he didn’t appreciate it, it’s just that it was 5 o’clock in the morning!

Born in no-land

the no-landShe was born in a no-land, where everything melted in boring dough. A place where there was no space for personality. She had no face; she could not tell others when she was happy, curious, angry or sad… but that didn’t mean those feelings weren’t burning inside her. One day, she prepared her suitcase and left. She travelled and travelled until, unexpectedly, on the top of a windy and sunny hill, she found her face.

the no-girl