Monthly Archives: September 2015


img293I have the feeling somebody is watching me. I should probably turn around and check. Maybe it’s nothing. Yeah… I feel a glace on my neck. It’s not possible, I’m all alone. I’d swear I’ve heard something, it was likely just the wind. Well, if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I have to look, I have to know but… how stupid would that be that if there was nothing behind me?

I am a cow

vacaWhen she looked into her eyes she saw the fields, the grass she was eating, the sun that was warming her skin, the trees, the clouds and something shocking…she saw herself, and she was a cow! She had never pictured herself as a cow; she thought she was a zebra, a horse or maybe even a sheep. It took her a while to assimilate it, but then she made peace with it and kept on eating.



todoWith the passing of years she gathered clothes, superimposing one layer in top of the other, until the moment it was difficult for her to walk or even to breathe. One fine day she decided she wouldn’t carry all that stuff any longer and she got naked.

The rocks

amanecerWhen the sun rose they were lying there between the rocks. At first glance it could look like a terrible scene, but after closer appreciation, something about their peaceful faces suggested that maybe the rocks were soft as pillows and warm as blankets and that they were having wonderful dreams.