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magiaThe more boring her surrounding was and the plainer people around her, the stronger it got. It was not like she was a mage; she didn’t know how to cast a single spell, magic simply ran through her veins and strongly fought to pop up when she was surrounded by grey.


4 abrilWhen it stopped raining the rabbit jumped out of its lair to find that it was warm and sunny. Where before there was just dry grass, it was now full of flowers and plants. Tender and bright green sprouts were growing in every branch. The white rabbit didn’t need a calendar to know that spring had arrived.

Mi mamá me ama

1 2Remember the book I illustrated for Mundo Cronopio? Here you can see two more of its illustrations. You can personalize the illustrations, choosing if the kid is a boy or a girl and decide the clothes he/she wears. Also you can add pictures and drawings and you can rewrite the original text by Carmen Giró. The best of all, your kids can take part in the process of giving their mother a really special present. Maybe you can start preparing it for Christmas!