Monthly Archives: December 2015

Love song

img393pLove had never hurt her or treated her roughly. It had never brought her to her knees, it had never blinded her or stolen her voice. Love had always been kind to her, so she didn’t understand anything she was singing, but maybe that was the reason she appreciated better the beauty of her voice.

Calendar 2016

todo!pThese are the 12 pages of the 2016 calendar.  I made the illustrations and I had the great luck of having my friend and graphic designer Marta Fuentes turning them into the amazing calendar pages you see above. There is a lot of space to note all your dates, appointments and celebrations. You can easily hang it from the wall and cheer up your home for all the days to come. I’m sure 2016 is going to be a year of great things, don’t miss any with this calendar!

You can order it by sending me a message to or contacting me trough facebook.


pantera 22j

She is a panther, because that’s an attitude. She has learned to live in the jungle, hiding whenever necessary and always jumping into action at the right moment. Of course she is scared, but she has come to find fear a great ally.