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She was on her knees, and suddenly she took off. Don’t let this confuse you, she was no superhero, it was the first time something like that had happened to her. She crossed the firmament like a meteorite, with her hair on fire, and reached for the moon. What would she do there? Who knows… Maybe she’ll be the same as she was on Earth, or maybe in her new destination she was meant for something more.

Ride home


The big hairy bear was coming back home after a hard working day in the forest. The sky had that special colour when it is neither day nor night, and the moon was already outlined.  He listened to his favourite song “spring roar” in the radio and sang along. He felt happy, his warm and cosy lair was waiting for him.


1 eneroIt was a cold and quiet night, one of the first of the beginning year. The moon was so beautiful and bright on the dark sky that the sheep didn’t wanted to miss it. They kept grazing next to blooming rosemary that filled the fresh air with its particular smell.


Reyes Magos

reyesMelchior, Caspar and Balthazar travelled across the desert on their camels. They were good friends, so even if it was a long trip, it was a pleasant one. They sang Christmas carols and told each other jokes. But most of all they talked about the light, the magic, the joy and the excitement that was waiting for them when they would meet the kids.