Monthly Archives: April 2016

I’m comming!

santjordi1Gallop dear horse, gallop faster! The princess has been taken and we are her only hope. I can already feel the warm of the dragon’s fire in my skin and I smell his sulfuric breath mixed with the roses scent. The combat is close; don’t be afraid, love is our strength.

It’s almost Saint Jorge’s day, a great festivity in Catalonia. It’s a day to celebrate love, to enjoy spring and to give books and roses. Visit my Facebook page on the 23th of April to meet the dragon and the princess!

Monkey King

img457Don’t laugh, don’t look them in the eyes, don’t move too fast… let them take what they want. He kept repeating to himself. It had taken him a lot of bananas, but still he had to be vigilant. He knew the sun will rise in the sky and the little creatures will move on, but during that brief moment he was the Monkey King.