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6 junio

The ladybug plough through the wind over the fields. There was a lot of traffic, insects where going from here to there like crazy. The air was filled with pollen and the poppies’ aroma, although what was really filling the atmosphere was the excitement for the summer that was just beginning.

Ready for a date


– ♩♬♪♪♫

– Hi there little fellow. I like your outfit, great choice of colours.

– ♬♫♪♬♩♩♫♬

– Really? I want to impress my wife too. How do I look?

– ♪♬♬♬♩♪♪♩♩♩♬

– Thanks, good luck to you too!

Camping night


It was a perfect night. Surrounded by nature, the stars and the moon seemed closer and brighter than ever. The soft breeze brought to her the fresh smell of the jasmine flowers. She thought she would sleep like a baby, but once in the tent… every single noise, from the cracking of a branch till the blowing of the wind between the leaves, made her imagine the most wild and dangerous animals surrounding her bed.


flores3She put her feet on the floor. She felt the grass between her toes, the humidity of earth on her skin and the tickling sensation of insects walking through. It all brought back forgotten memories, from a distant childhood or even from another life.


5 mayo 2Snow is definitely melting on the top of the mountains and the water that filters through earth is bringing the fields to its greener moment. There’s plenty of grass and plenty of sunny hours to graze, so the horses feel no need to hurry and can afford to stop for a while to stare at the landscape and meditate.